Data & Insights Workshop

Note that it is not possible to subscribe for this workshop, as this workshop took place on the 6th of November 2017.

Note that this workshop is only for Bachelor students in their second year or higher and (pre-)Master students!

Are you following the Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing track or considering it? Or are you just interested in data science? Experience data analytics in real life during the Data & Insights Workshop with Oxyma. In the past 15 years Oxyma has been one of the leading data analytics companies in the Netherlands. They will show you the complete process starting with a question from a client and leading to concrete valuable results. You will learn how to turn raw data into usable information. This workshop will close the gap between the clean data sets you encounter at university and the day-to-day practice of raw data by teaching you how to prepare your data sets: an essential skill as a data scientist.