For the introduction camp for the Econometrics students who will follow the Dutch Bachelor, click here.

The PENGUIN Weekend will take place from the 31st of August till the 2nd of September 2018.

Welcome to the introductory page for new students of the international Bachelor programme of Econometrics and Bsc2. You have just navigated to the most important medium to accommodate you in your transition to university life. At this point you are most likely unfamiliar with the support a faculty association such as FAECTOR can give you during the first few months of your study, and later throughout your whole Bachelor and Masters.

The first face to face contact opportunity is during the Eureka-week where FAECTOR will be present at activities such as the information market, the campus tour and the introductionary lectures. Next to this you will have the opportunity to take a peek inside of our office which is located on campus!

Secondly we invite you to our awesome introduction weekend PENGUIN. You might be wondering why this eccentric name? It could be because of what your future teacher said to us a few years ago; penguins have a strong team spirit and take tough long journeys together. Which is exactly what defines your Bachelor, a (mathematical) journey towards econometric knowledge with lots of bumps and obstacles along the road. As you have probably heard this study is rather challenging, and therefore it is important to bond with your classmates, and what better way to do this than to spend a whole weekend with them, participating in fun team bonding activities?
As all of this is true of course, PENGUIN actually stands for “Potential Econometric Nerds Going to University in the Netherlands”. Creative right? And there you were thinking econometricians were just a bunch of nerds. During the PENGUIN weekend you will realise that this is not true, and you will feel at home right away ;).

So discover the world of FAECTOR by looking through this page, and the rest of the website. You will see that FAECTOR provides all econometrics students with both social as educational and career orientated activities.

Anne de Weerdt
Former Chairman of the Freshmen Committee

About the PENGUIN weekend:
The PENGUIN weekend offers you an opportunity to get to know the university, the city of Rotterdam and your fellow students in a fun and informal way, before the semester starts. PENGUIN is an introduction camp, this means that you will be staying over on an external location with the other first year students and the Freshmen Committee. We have several activities planned both during the day as in the evenings, thus you will be with the group the entire weekend.The goal of the weekend is to make you feel comfortable and at home around your new classmates. There will be a series of games and activities to both get to know each other and the city. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to meet older Econometric students, who are more than happy to provide insights into your upcoming studies and life in Rotterdam. All together we hope to provide you a fun weekend before you start your challenging studies.

This years weekend will take place from 1st of September until the 3rd of September and will cost 50 euros. You can subscribe for PENGUIN by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the PENGUIN weekend, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to