Experience former PENGUIN participant

My experience at PENGUIN weekend:

PENGUIN was the first time I got to know some of my fellow econometrics students. I didn't go to the EUREKA-week and just arrived to Rotterdam. I know now that it was during this weekend that I met most of my best friends that I have now. Playing silly games having a lot of fun together what is better to bond? On one day we also played a game though the whole city that was also a good opportunity to get to know the city a bit better. At the beginning of the lectures the next week I already knew around 50 names it really helps you not to be lost in a big pool of strangers you are going to be studying with. I would encourage any new international or dutch student to participate to awesome introduction. 

Marie-Sophie Graftiaux

PENGUIN Weekend was the perfect start of a new adventure at university. I got to meet most of my fellow students and many friendships started there. As such, I've even met my  current roommates at PENGUIN. Everybod had fun during all the activities and the drinks at night. If I could, I'd sign up again!

Daan Wimmer