Teacher's recommendation

PENGUIN: Start of a great journey!

Penguins will do anything to help each other. They have a strong team spirit and they will walk more than a hundred kilometers through awful territories just to get food for each other. As a prospective student, you are at the start of a beautiful journey too. You might encounter some bumps on the road, e.g. when the study can get demanding and time consuming. But the team spirit at our studies Econometrics is fantastic. You get to know each other at PENGUIN very well, so that the challenging study period that is about to start, will also give you the opportunity to broaden your social network. At PENGUIN, the foundation is laid for an active group of students, who do a lot for their studies and for extracurricular activities at for example our faculty association FAECTOR. I wish you a great introduction weekend. We will see each other right afterwards at the start of the academic year, during the first course Introduction to Statistics. Now, enjoy your freedom during your holidays and afterwards you’ll experience that your student life will be very pleasant too. Talk to the older students at PENGUIN, they can tell you all about their own experiences. I am looking forward to meet you in the lectures on our campus!

Best regards,
Christiaan Heij
Lecturer Introduction to Statistics

PS. For anyone who wants to think about a statistical question already: If there is a chance of 1 in 10,000 that an Econometrician from Rotterdam will win a Nobel prize and there are in total 10,000 Rotterdam Econometricians who will graduate in the 21st century, then what is the chance that exactly one Rotterdam Econometrician from the 21st century will win a Nobel prize? And what is the chance that at least one Rotterdam Econometrician from the 21st century will win a Nobel prize?

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