Information for you as a parent

Is your son or daughter studying Econometrics or the double Bachelor of Econometrics & Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam? This page contains all relevant information for you as a parent. 

Parents Day/Ouderdag - 7th of October 2017
On Saturday the 7th of October 2017, we organised a Parents Day/Ouderdag for all Dutch parents of students in Econometrics or the double Bachelor Econometrics & Economics. During this day a student, a professor and a study advisor gave more information about Econometrics, the Erasmus University, their experiences and the difficulties of the first year. You can find more information about the Parents Day/Ouderdag here. Are you a (non-Dutch) parent and do you want to get more information about Econometrics, the double Bachelor or about (studying at) Erasmus University Rotterdam? Don't hesitate to contact our Educational Officer, Jitte Dingenouts, by sending an e-mail to!