Après Ice Skating

On the 30th of January the Freshmen Committee organised (après) ice skating! Ice skating is something the Dutch used to do during winter, unfortunately we haven’t had a lot of natural ice the last couple of decennia so we kinda moved to indoor ice skating. If you’ve never ice skated before, do not worry! This activity is not only for advanced ice skaters. We arranged a speed cursus ice skating for those in need of one. This will take about 30 minutes but you can of course quit earlier or keep going for a bit longer if you would want to.
If you’re not interested in lessons you can actually quite easily learn it by vallen en opstaan (by trial and error). 

We will gather at the ice skating place at 15:15 to skate for about 2 hours. Everyone will get a free hot chocolate from us during ice skating.
Afterwards we will go to Café De Smitse with whomever is in for a couple of beers.
This will all be available for just €4,50!

Unfortunately, it's not possible anymore to subscribe for this event.