City Trip

After the more than successful trips to cities like Dublin (2013/2014), Budapest (2014/2015) and Bucharest (2015/2016), FAECTOR's City Trip is better known as THE event of the Activities Committee.  All FAECTOR hearts will beat harder when we are going to talk about the subscriptions. The F5 button will become your best friend and within a minute the participants will be decided. 

The City Trip takes place during the fourth academic block and takes multiple days. During this weekend we will visit several cultural sights and you won’t forget any night.

This year the City Trip will take place in the beautiful city of Prague. We are leaving the 24th of March to the most vibrant city of Eastern Europe. Not only we are going to see terrific culture, but also drink a lot of beer for a low price. We will be back at Monday the 27th again, so you won’t miss too much interesting lectures. Don’t hesitate any longer and start thinking of how to become one of the 60 lucky ones! 

If you have any questions regarding the City Trip, please contact us by sending an e-mail to