Amsterdam Boat Drink

Location: Amsterdam
Date: 27 May 2017
Amsterdam Boat Drink

It’s time for our third RECNET activity! On the 27th of May you will get the opportunity to experience Amsterdam from the water: RECNET will cruise through the canals of Amsterdam! During the cruise you will be served with beer, wine and soft drinks. The boat drink will start at 14:30h and will end around 17:30h. The starting point for the cruise will be announced later. Are you not able to join us at 14:30h, but you definitely want to be part of this event? Don’t worry: there are a number of departure points throughout the city!

For the contributors of RECNET, attending this event is free, while non-contributors have to pay 7,50 euros. Would you like to become a contributor of RECNET? You can subscribe by clicking here!

We would like to ask you to promote this boat drink among your former study friends, so we can ensure a great cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. Beware: there are limited spots available. So, don't hesitate any longer and subscribe by filling in the form below.

The following people did already subscribe:

  1. Emiel Verhaert
  2. Bert Wassink
  3. Dan Dinu
  4. Bob Jansen
  5. Matthijs Aantjes
  6. Zornitza Nihtianova
  7. Robin van Straalen
  8. Jeroen Wernekinck
  9. Mitchell van Cittert
  10. Lars van Kempen
  11. Bastiaan Stavenuiter
  12. Anne Opschoor
  13. Daisy van Oostrom
  14. Ruud van Luijk
  15. Sandra Dirkx-Westerhof
  16. Giel Dirkx
  17. Bob Muijs
  18. Diederik Mathol
  19. Geertje Keulers
  20. Lies Hooft van Huijsduijnen
  21. Faisal Shaban
  22. Nemanja Milovanovic
  23. Susanne Wollin
  24. Sabine den Daas
  25. Bob Maks
  26. Yuchen Li
  27. Jaap van Elsäcker (Alumni Committee)
  28. Luc Oudenes (Alumni Committee)
  29. Romain Heuts (Alumni Committee)
  30. Artiom Troyanovsky (Alumni Committee)
  31. Robert Arends (President 51st board of FAECTOR)
  32. Jeroen van Dijk (Secretary 51st board of FAECTOR)
  33. Wouter Hustinx (Treasurer 51st board of FAECTOR)
  34. IJsbrand Hertogh (Career Officer 51st board of FAECTOR)
  35. Romana van Tuijl (Educational Officer 51st of FAECTOR)
  36. Mateusz Galle (Marketing 51st board of FAECTOR)