FAECTOR/ ESE Excellence Programme

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme is a programme designed for the highly motivated Econometrie/Econometrics/BSc2 students. The goal of the programme is to give Bachelor students (pre-Master, second year or higher) the opportunity to see different sides of an econometric theme. In cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics, FAECTOR proudly presents the theme of the Excellence Programme 2021: Econometrics & Cybersecurity. The theme of 2020 was Econometrics & Deep Learning.

Not everyone can join this programme. Students get selected based on their CV, grade list and motivation letter all written in English. Every week, the selected students will go to several lectures, workshops, inhousedays and other educational trips. Besides that, they will also read and write several papers within the theme. If a selected student finishes this programme successfully, he or she will receive 4 extracurricular ECTS and a certificate signed by the dean of Erasmus School of Economics.

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme starts in January and ends in June. Next year's theme will be determined during the summer. 

Are you interested in providing a lecture, workshop or inhouseday for the Excellence Programme? Please contact our Educational Officer, Veronika Soloveva, at educational@faector.nl.