Orientation Days

This is an event where second, third and fourth year students can get to know the different fields of Econometrics & Operations Research better. In this way they can prepare for the choice of the major and/or Master specialisation. In our opinion, best way to get to know these fields is by discovering what companies working in this field do. Because it is the first experience of students with companies, the participating companies can make sure that they are associated with the major and Master specialisations. In this way, students directly think of those companies as future employees.

There will be several Orientation Days, one for each of the following Master specialisations at Erasmus University Rotterdam: Quantitative Finance, Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing, Operations Research & Quantitative Logistics, Econometrics and the Research Master. During an Orientation Day, a professor will give a presentation about that specific Master specialisation. Afterwards, a company gets the opportunity to give a presentation in this specific Master specialisation to inform students about what they could do with that specialisation at their company. 

Would you like to be one of these companies? Contact our Educational Officer, Veronika Soloveva, at educational@faector.nl.