Recruitment Events

Throughout the year, FAECTOR offers companies the opportunity to get into touch with potential future employees. There are several events that offer different ways to get to know our students.
In September, we kick off the academic year with The Inhouse Days, where students will be able to visit four companies from the same sector in two days to learn about the companies and their differences. Companies can also choose to organise an informal event, for example a wine tasting or playing jeu de boules. 
Furthermore, we will visit the biggest investment banks in London during the Financial Markets Tour.

In November, our biggest career events of the year will take place: the Econometric Career Days (ECD). During these days, students will be able to meet more than 45 companies while joining a case, company presentation, informal event, dinner, lunch or drink. The ECD is the biggest multi-day career event for econometricians in the Netherlands.

In January, we start the new year with Find Your Match (FYM). This is the yearly speed date event for Master students to find their thesis internship. The idea of FYM is that companies have 18 dates of around six minutes with different students.
Next to that, we also organised iCansultancy in cooperation with several strategy consultants. 

In March, we will visit several companies at their own office again during the Inhouse Days in the Netherlands which are part of the Business Trip. The Business Trip is a trip to a big city outside of Europe where around 20 students will get the opportunity to get a sense of what it is like to work in a different culture. In this week, these students will visit several companies, a university and an embassy. Before the students leave for the trip, they will also visit several companies in the Netherlands to get to know the Dutch business culture.