Alumni Committee

Note that you can only apply for this committee if you are a Bachelor 3 student or higher. 

Applications for the Alumni Committee 2022-2023 open in September 2022!

As a member of the Alumni Committee, you will be responsible for the well-being of our alumni association FAECTOR Alumni Network (FAN). Alumni are a very important to FAECTOR and it’s crucial to keep in touch with our members after they graduate. Next to that, it is important for alumni that there are possibilities to keep in touch with their former fellow students. You will mainly organise events for alumni, both social and informative. Last year for example, we’ve organised a beer tasting, a campus drink, a speaker symposium and a boat drink. These events are a lot of fun and you get to meet lots of different people that are already done with their studies, which results in interesting conversations!

Besides organising events, the other part of being in the Alumni Committee consists of thinking about the long term strategy of FAN. How do we make sure that recent graduates will stick around and how can we get older alumni to participate in our events more often? Should we review our current Alumni policy? How can we utilise our alumni database better? As a member of the Alumni Committee, you’ll be busy with questions like these as well!

The Alumni Committee consists of a supervisor from the board, a chairman and 3 committee members.

The Alumni Committee 2021-2022 consisted of the following students:

  • Eveline Pelt (Chairman)
  • Matthijs Prevaes
  • Sanne Weerstra
  • Diede Verkaik
  • Carmen Valk (Supervisor)