Business Trip Committee

This year, the second FAECTOR Business Trip will take place. During this trip, around 15 students get the opportunity to visit multiple companies and other interesting institutions. Due to these visits, the participating students will get the chance to get to know the differences in working environments at home and abroad during this trip. 

The Committee is in charge of the trip from start to finish. The first task is of course to choose an attractive and vibrant city to visit. Last year the participants had an amazing time in Seoul. Then it is up to you to find interesting companies, universities and other parties to visit abroad and to organise everything else necessary for the trip. 

The Business Trip Committee 2018-2019 consists of the following students:

  • Mirnesa Ibisevic (Chairman)
  • Maxime van Ruiten
  • Rick Kessels
  • Thijs de Bruin
  • Carolijn de Kok (Supervisor from the board)

Note that you can only apply for this committee if you are a Bachelor 2 student or higher. 
Applications for the Business Trip Committee 2020-2021 will open in September 2020.