Business Trip Committee

This year, the sixth FAECTOR Business Trip will take place. This trip offers a unique opportunity for around 20 students to explore several companies, institutions, and business customs. Through these visits, participating students will gain insight into the contrasting work environments both domestically and internationally.

The committee is responsible for the trip from start to finish. The initial stage involves selecting an attractive and vibrant city to visit. Over the past years, the participants have had an amazing time in Seoul, Beijing, and Dubai! Subsequently, you need to find interesting companies, universities, and other parties to visit abroad to arrange the day-to-day plan.

The Business Trip Committee 2023-2024 consists of the following students: 

  • Marlous Kieskamp - Chairman

  • Oliver Panman - Treasurer

  • Leonie de Kok - Secretary & External Officer

  • Donna Zegwaart - Day Coordinator & Marketing Officer

  • Veerle Goorden - Supervisor from the board