Econometric Career Days (ECD) Committee

Do you want to organise the biggest on-campus career event for econometricians in the Netherlands? The Econometric Career Days connects highly motivated Econometrics & Operations Research students with prestigious companies. Last November, we had 30 different companies participating in the Econometric Career Days and it is getting bigger and more prestigious every year.

The Econometric Career Days Committee 2019 consists of the following students:

  • Koen Pethke (Chairman)
  • Niels Bos (External Officer & Day Coordinator)
  • Sean Goedgeluk (External Officer & Treasurer)
  • Valerie Brouwers (Secretary & Day Coordinator)
  • Samuël Verdaasdonk (Marketing Officer)
  • Charlotte van der Heide (Supervisor from the board)

From left to right: Sean, Niels, Valerie, Koen and Charlotte and Samuël.

Note that you can only apply for this committee if you are a Bachelor 2 student or higher. 
Applications for the ECD Committee 2019-2020 will open in January 2020.