Excellence Programme Committee

The Excellence Programme is an extracurricular programme designed for highly motivated Econometrie, Econometrics and BSc2 students. This programme takes place from January until June, where the selected students will go to lectures, workshop, inhouse days and other educational trips. They will read and write papers and they will present these papers during the presentation rounds. If the students finish this programme successfully, they will receive 4 extracurricular ECTS and a certificate signed by the dean of the Erasmus School of Economics.

As a committee member of the Excellence Programme Committee, you are responsible for the theme of the programme, the schedule, the content and the acquisition and contact with speakers, companies, professors, workshops and other educational events. Besides that, you are responsible for the promotion and the ceremony at the end of the programme. So you get to shape the whole Excellence Programme! 

Furthermore you will be participating in the programme yourself and receive the credits and the certificate upon completion. 

The Excellence Programme Committee 2019-2020 consists of the following students:

  • Luca Zamperini (Chairman)
  • Robbert Rog (Secretary)
  • Evita Hoogeveen (Supervisor from the board)

From left to right: Luca, Evita and Robbert.

Applications for the Excellence Programme Committee 2020-2021 are closed.