FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP) Committee

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP) Committee helps non-profit organisations and small companies with data analytics projects, while at the same time providing students the opportunity to put their econometric knowledge into practice. Students will gain valuable experience as a consultant and improve both their analytical and soft skills in a team accompanied by professionals. The students work in teams of 5 and participate in several trainings that will help them with the execution of the project. Previous partners were the Dutch Health Inspectorate (IGJ), The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF Geleidehonden) and football club Excelsior.

As a member of the FCP Committee, you will be in charge of setting up the consultancy projects from scratch! You will be helping the partners with developing the projects, organizing trainings and keeping in close contact with the partners, the university and other involved parties. Besides that, you will be selecting and supervising the consultancy teams.

The FCP Committee consists of a supervisor from the board, a chairman, secretary and marketing officer. 

Applications for the Consultancy Committee 2019 are open now! Apply before the 18th of January 23:59 here.