LED Committee

The National Econometricians Day (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristen Dag, abbreviated as LED) is a yearly recruitment event for all 3rd year and older econometrics students in the Netherlands. Every year, one of the econometrics associations in the Netherlands is responsible for the organisation of this event. FAECTOR will organise the LED in February 2020, meaning that the LED committee will be recruited in January 2019. For more information about the LED you can visit the LED website.

As you can probably imagine, a lot of preparation is needed to make this day happen. The responsibility for this will be given to a group of six students who will form the next LED committee. The workload will be higher than for other committees at FAECTOR. From the beginning onwards there will be weekly meetings of a couple of hours and this workload will gently increase to a fulltime month in January. Here is an overview of the different positions within the LED committee. Note that this is a short overview and that we are happy to inform you on the details in person.

As a chairman your main tasks are keeping the general overview, preparing and leading the meetings, providing updates to the supervisory boards and arranging the speakers.

As a secretary and PR person you are responsible for the enrolments to the LED 2020, the website, all social media channels, the promotional plan and all promotional materials. You will definitely be an expert in InDesign after this year!

Obviously the treasurer is responsible for making and managing the budget. Given the size of the
event, the budget is extremely comprehensive and therefore extra exiting to work with.

External Affairs (two positions)
The main task of the external affairs is to find and maintain contact with participating companies.
During summer you will visit numerous companies to discuss the possibilities for them. After all the
spots are filled, you will arrange contracts, make the profiler and constantly maintain contact with

Day Coordinator
As the name suggests, you are the person who arranges everything related to the day itself: the
location for the company events and the party, the catering, the hostels and various other small but
crucial details such as name tags. You also prepare a detailed day schedule to make sure everything
goes smooth.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for students in their Bachelor 2, Bachelor 3, Bachelor 4, pre-Master or Master study phase who can make some time free to work on this amazing project. You have to be motivated, disciplined, professional and, of course, social. The positions of chairman, secretary/PR and day coordinator are also open for internationals. Note that you do have to understand written Dutch to apply for the secretary/PR position. 

If you would like to hear more about this upcoming committee, you can walk by our office or send an email to president@faector.nl!

Applications for the LED committee 2019 are open now! Apply before the 18th of January 23:59 here.