Lustrum Committee

Every five years, FAECTOR is recruiting a Lustrum Committee that is responsible for organising several activities throughout our Lustrum year. Our next Lustrum is during the academic year 2020-2021, meaning that the Lustrum Commitee will be recruited in January 2020.

Upcoming year FAECTOR will turn 55. This means we will have our 11th lustrum! Since we want to celebrate this in a festive manner, we appoint a Lustrum Committee. As a member of the lustrum committee, you will be organising seven events over the course of 1.5 years. These events include a ‘lustrum gala’, opening event, beercantus and a closing event. So as a member of the Lustrum Committee you will be organising some of the biggest social events of FAECTOR. This committee is a great way to exploit your creativity on a large scale, due to the freedom you will have.

So are you a student who is socially strong and eager to improve your organisational skills by organising the biggest lustrum we have had so far? Apply for a spot in the Lustrum Committee! The Lustrum Committee will consist of a chairman, treasurer and three members. Note that this committee lasts for 1.5 years and is opened for Dutch and International students who are in bachelor 2 or higher.

For more information, you can send an email to, or you can come to the Committee Interest Drink on the 8th of January.

Note that you can only apply for this committee if you are a Bachelor 2 student or higher.
Applications for the Lustrum Committee 2020-2021 will open in January 2020.