Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for managing the largest vacancy website for econometricians and organising one of the largest recruitment events for FAECTOR.

As a committee member, you organise The Inhouse Days, a multi-day recruitment event during which the participants will visit four companies in two days. The committee chooses a sector for this event and is fully responsible for acquisition and organisation of this event. Furthermore, the Recruitment Committee will be responsible for our vacancy website, Nearly all the companies we work with post their vacancies on this website. Each year, the committee will acquire new companies for to increase the number of vacancies on the website. Moreover, they will keep the website up-to-date and set up a marketing campaign to promote the website.

Things you learn include how to be in contact with companies in both formal and informal ways. Next to that, acquisition is an important skill you will learn, as is how to promote an event. Lastly, by managing, you get to develop entrepreneurial skills.

The Recruitment Committee for the year 2024 consists of:

  • Nora Wentink - Chairman & External Officer

  • Céline Kornet - Secretary & External Officer

  • Daan Olsthoorn - Treasurer, IT & External Officer

  • Bram Mesland - Marketing & External Officer

  • Veerle Goorden - Supervisor from the Board