One could say that some of the most important things for a student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam are the obtained skill set and knowledge during their years of studying. As an official school association, FAECTOR wants to reach out to its members and make sure that each and every one achieves the best they can. This way, not only can students explore all that Econometrics as a discipline as to offer, they can also effectively boost their CV!

Next to being available for help on a personal level, we also offer many great events which accompany studying econometrics in a way that is stimulating for each individual.

Examples of educational activities organised by FAECTOR are the Excellence Programme, the Workshop Cycle and the FAECTOR Consultancy Project.

Every year, the Excellence Programme is organised for highly-motivated and well-performing students. During this programme, students get the chance to explore a subject not normally treated within the Econometrics curriculum. Besides obtaining academic knowledge, participants of the programme get the opportunity to develop soft skills with workshops and visit several companies. Lastly, the Workshop Cycle consists of several workshops during the year, usually one every block. During these workshops you obtain skills you can use in your studies or during your future career.

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP) offers econometrics students the unique opportunity to help non-profit organisations and small companies with data analytics projects, allowing students to put their knowledge into practice. This enables students to gain valuable experience in the field of consultancy and improve both their analytical and soft skills.

On top of that, we recognise that many students have trouble with choosing their respective study and career paths. ESE recognizes four different directions within the Econometrics studies. We provide opportunities to assist students in making this decision, by presenting them with alumni, current students and businesses from each direction during the Orientation Days.