FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme

Applications for the Excellence Programme 2021 are closed now! 

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme is a programme designed for the highly motivated Econometrie, Econometrics, Double Degree in Economics and Econometrics students. The goal of the programme is to give pre-Master and Bachelor students (second year or higher) the opportunity to explore different sides of an econometric theme by learning both the theory and how to apply it in practice.
The themes in the previous years were:

  • 2016: Econometrics & Big Data
  • 2017: Econometrics & Health
  • 2018: Econometrics & Artificial Intelligence
  • 2019: Econometrics & Blockchain
  • 2020: Econometrics & Deep Learning

This year, the theme of the Excellence Programme is Econometrics and Cyber Security. You will first get an introduction to cyber security and will be presented with a general framework in which you can place all your future knowledge. Then we look at Cryptography, Cyber Data Analytics and Cyber Risk Management. These are the sub-areas of cyber security that lie closest to econometrics. To give a brief overview of these topics:

  • Cryptography is the study of secure communications techniques that allow only the sender and intended recipient of a message to view its contents.
  • Cyber Data Analytics provides methods and tools to process large amounts of data into knowledge and use this knowledge for cyber security techniques.
  • Cyber Risk Management focuses on analysing the relationships between threats, incidents and risks, based on which an adequate set of countermeasures can be designed.

To participate, you do not need to have more IT/Computer Science knowledge than the econometrics programme offers you. 
Besides building on academic knowledge, participating students get the opportunity to further develop writing, presenting and programming skills through various assignments. There will also be workshops where students can improve their programming skills and soft skills. In addition, students get to meet several companies during the programme such as IBM, ING and KPMG (see concept below) and also receive 4 extracurricular ECTS and a certificate signed by the dean of Erasmus School of Economics, if they finish this programme successfully. To finish the programme, you must pass all assignments and be present 80% of the sessions in each block.

The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme of 2021 starts in January and ends in June. We will have weekly sessions in block 3, 4 and 5 (excluding week 8 of each block), being either a guest lecture, a company visit, or a workshop. Most of the lectures and workshops are usually on Wednesdays from 5 until 7 pm and will take place either on campus or online (we will make sure that students who are abroad or have symptoms will always be able to follow the sessions online).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us at excellence@faector.nl.

Please click here to see the Concept of this year's Excellence Programme.