FAECTOR Excellence Programme

The FAECTOR Excellence Programme is a programme designed for the highly motivated Econometrie/Econometrics/BSc2 students. The goal of the programme is to give Bachelor students (pre-Master, second year or higher) the opportunity to see different sides of an econometric theme. In cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics, FAECTOR proudly presents the theme of next year's Excellence Programme: Econometrics & Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is surely one of the hottest topics of the coming decades. Innovations like self-driving cars can lead to an easier, safer and more efficient world. On the other hand, many are afraid that millions of jobs will be replaced by robots. One thing is certain: artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on all our lifes.

Are you a bachelor student (second year or higher + pre-Master) and do you want to broaden your knowledge besides your studies? Then the Excellence Programme might be something for you! Examples of topics that will be discussed are: “What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on our future?”, “How can you use Artificial Intelligence for asset management?” and “How is Artificial Intelligence used in marketing analytics?”. Besides your academic knowledge you get the opportunity to develop your writing skills by writing small papers and soft skills with workshops like a presentation and debating workshop. You will also meet several companies during the programme, like Google and Aegon. Finally, If you finish this programme successfully, you will receive 4 extracurricular ECTS and a certificate signed by the dean of Erasmus School of Economics.

The FAECTOR Excellence Programme of 2018 will start in January and ends in June. There will be a lecture, inhouse day or workshop once every week in block 3, 4 and 5 (excluding week 8 of each block). At the end of the Programme there will be a ceremony where you will present one of your written papers to show your fellow students and your family what you have done during this programme. Here you will also get your certificate. Practical information about the programme can be found below.

Unfortunately, it is not possible anymore to subscribe for this year's Excellence Programme.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to educational@faector.nl

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