FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP)

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP) offers you the opportunity to help non-profit organisations and small companies with data analytics projects, while at the same time allowing you to put your econometric knowledge into practice. You will gain valuable experience as a consultant and improve both your analytical and soft skills. You will work in teams of 5 and participate in several training sessions that will help you with the execution of the project. Additionally, you will receive professional guidance from consulting companies throughout the project. Also, note that this project is worth 2 ECTS!

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project starts at the end of March and ends just before the summer break. There is a workload of approximately 5 hours per week, including training sessions and meetings with your guiding consultant. For the complete schedule and more detailed information on the cases, the participating companies and the trainings a student manual will be made available at the time.

The description of the participating companies is:

Hartstichting (Dutch Heart Foundation):

The Heart Foundation has two types of donors, individual donors and Structural donors. This year students will work on a scoring model for the campaign specifically for former structural donors. Using previous campaigns to calculate someone's score or probability of a positive response to the campaign. The campaigns can be done more efficiently and successfully using this information.

Ministry of Defence:

The Ministry of Defense would like to gain more insight into the maintenance (both plannable and unplannable) and malfunctions of their real estate. A model can be made using the available data. Their data provides general information about the buildings, malfunctions, maintenance, and inspections (which sometimes lead to unplanned maintenance). The relations provide insights that can help reduce malfunctions and unplanned maintenance.


Every year Het Oranje Fonds receives about 2500 requests for charity initiatives. In 2021, 1115 out of the 2500 requests were given a certain amount of money to execute the initiative. We ask the students to create a model (based on the information from 2021), that can be used to estimate the social impact of these different initiatives. With this model, Het Oranje Fonds can identify the initiatives that are more likely to have a positive social impact. Het Oranje Fonds has been collecting data for analysis since 2021. The organisation is still in the starting phase of data analysis, which gives many possibilities to advise Het Oranje Fonds about the future! Meaning you can really give new advice as a consultant! Het Oranje Fonds would love to see during the project where the possibilities lie and will keep in close contact with the students to optimise the project.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email to fcp@faector.nl!