FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP)

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP) offers you the opportunity to help non-profit organisations and small companies with data analytics projects, while at the same time allowing you to put your econometric knowledge into practice. You will gain valuable experience as a consultant and improve both your analytical and soft skills. You will work in teams of 5 and participate in several training sessions that will help you with the execution of the project. Additionally, you will receive professional guidance throughout the project.

The participating organisations for this year's projects are: the Dutch Heart Foundation and The Ocean Cleanup. Furthermore, the guiding consultancy companies are MiCompany, Bloom and Amsterdam Data Collective. To help you get even better consultancy skills there will also be training sessions by Gupta Strategists, MiCompany and Amsterdam Data Collective.

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project of 2021 starts at the end of March and ends just before the summer break. There is a workload of ±5 hours per week, including training sessions and meetings with your guiding consultant. For the complete schedule and more detailed information on the cases, the participating companies and the trainings there is a student manual available. If you want additional information, you can download the student manual here.

If you have any questions, join the Information Session on the 15th of March or send an email to fcp@faector.nl!