A PhD is a postgraduate doctoral degree, where you write a dissertation within (3 or) 4 years. PhD students do novel research, publish papers in the international literature, go to conferences, follow a few courses (40 ECTS) and teach (about 20% of your time). In order to apply for a PhD project or position at Erasmus School of Economics you should have an MPhil, MSc or MA degree in Economics, Econometrics, Business or a related field (depending on the PhD project). Find more information about a PhD here

Each year, a PhD/research master information session is organised by FAECTOR, in collaboration with professors from ESE, Tinbergen Institute (TI), Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) and (from 2022 onwards) Erasmus MC. During this information session, students get an overview of all PhD possibilities and an explanation of the application procedure. Moreover, current PhD students are present to talk about their personal experience and answer any questions that may remain.

The PhD/research master information session takes place in block 2 of the academic year.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to!