Workshop Cycle

Every year, FAECTOR organises the Workshop Cycle. The Workshop Cycle consists of several workshops organised during the academic year. During a workshop, you will obtain skills that you can use in your future career. During the Workshop Cycle several questions will be answered. Examples of questions answered are the following:
How do you navigate through the Bloomberg terminal?
How do you write a good CV? What does it contain and in what order do I have to put everything? Is that the same for my LinkedIn?
If I am invited to a job interview, how do I prepare?

Make sure you attend these workshops, they can be very useful for your future career!

Examples of previous workshops:

  • Bloomberg Workshop
  • Data & Insights Workshop
  • Python Workshop
  • Derivative Trading Workshop
  • E-assessment Workshop
  • Data Analytics and Deep Learning in MATLAB Workshop
  • R Workshop

Keep an eye on our events page for the upcoming workshops!