End of the Year Party

The End of the Year Party is sold out! 

We hope you all survived this academic year. It's been a long trip through the sea and it was sometimes rough. Maybe for some of you the boat was almost sinking. But don't worry, good weather is coming towards us, which means you can celebrate that the storm is over, you are returning safely to the harbor and we are throwing a big party, before you sail away again into your summer vacation...

We invite you to celebrate with us at Eau Lounge (Boompjes 750) starting from 22:00. Members can enter for free after enrolling on the website. Non-members can buy a ticket for €7.50, either by buying a ticket with an external account, or as introducee of a FAECTOR member. 

Whoever wants to remember what happened during the past year is welcome from 19:45 onwards to get this year's Almanac.

As a special guest we invited Gebroeders Scooter, famous of their Totale Escalatie mixes. Make sure to be there before 23:30, otherwise you are going to miss their awesome performance.

Finally, if you didn’t recognize it yet, the theme is Titanic: the party is about to go down. Get creative with the sailor theme and dress up!

We are looking forward to seeing soon.

Ahoy, your Activities Committee