FAECTOR Football Tournament + BBQ

Has the recent Champions League been making you want to play in a football tournament of your own? Then look no further because we as FAECTOR are organizing our very own football tournament.  

What are the details of the football tournament? It takes place on the 24th of May from 14:00 until around 18:00, after which we will be having a closing barbecue.

For the football tournament, the ticket price per team will be €50. Your team captain can sign up for the whole team. We will play 7 against 7, with a maximum number of team members of 10. You can also choose if you want to go for the competitive poule or the recreational poule.


Right after the tournament a delicious BBQ will await you. For €7,5 you will get 3 pieces of the best meat, prepared by our own BBQ-Master and your first drink is free. Of course a lot of laughter, good music and nice weather is included. We hope to all see you on the 24th!

So don’t hesitate and gather your team now!

Please note: you should order one football tournament ticket per team and one BBQ ticket per team member that wants to join the barbecue!