FAECTOR Ski Trip 2019

Since everyone is bummed that the university has started again, we have had to change our shorts and swimming pants for trousers and jackets and the fun of summer is almost over, FAECTOR is actually more excited every day. The fact that summer is almost over means that winter is coming (hehe), and the (in our humble opinion) greatest event that FAECTOR organises is getting closer and closer: The annual FAECTOR ski trip.

Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain, the cold wind trying to bite through your jacket and looking down at almost 200 kilometer of pistes. The sun shining, you put your ski glasses on and start your descend. the fresh snow feels soft as cream as you flaneer downwards where you arrive at the bar, around 100 meters from your hotel, where all the other people are already enjoying their first beers (which we will be able to get with a 40% discount). And if these things didn't give you goosebumps yet, this year, for the first time in the history of FAECTOR, we are going for 4 ski days instead of 3, and this for 325 euros!

Allright now that you are warmed up some information to write in your calendars already:
- The skitrip will take place 11-16 January (we leave on the 11th in the evening, drive the night and ski on Saturday, and Tuesday night after skiing we leave again)
- Costs are 325 euros, this includes skipass, accomodation and some extras (TBA), note that it does not include renting materials
- Location is Risoul (in La Forêt Blanche) 
- The Ski Trip is full for now. You can still put yourself on the waitinglist here!

We hope you are just as thrilled as we are!