Third Years Intercontinental Dinner

What is more awesome than a free dinner with all your friends you have missed like crazy during the exchange period?! On January 20, FAECTOR organises its Third Years Intercontinental Dinner for all third year Bachelor and fourth year BSc2 students! This is the perfect night to catch up with your friends and to share your exchange/internship/minor adventures while enjoying FREE food from all over the world and four FREE drinks.

The dinner will take place at the Rotterdam Student Rugby Club (RSRC) in Rotterdam and will start at 18:00h. Make sure to be there in time, because you don’t want to have cold food for dinner. Afterwards the Beer Cantus for Bachelor 3+ & (Pre-)Master students will take place in the same location which starts at 21:00h, so make sure you enroll for the Beer Cantus as well!

Joining this dinner is completely FREE, and to make this night even more fun, you can upload a picture that perfectly describes your exchange/internship/minor, so you can see everyone's adventures of the past half year throughout the night. The same night the location of this year's Business Trip will also be announced so make sure you don't miss that!