Party Bus to Ghent

Are you feeling bored of going out to the same clubs and bars in Rotterdam and want to experience the nightlife of another city with your friends and fellow econometrics students? Or have you always wanted to experience what it is like to party in a party bus before going out? Then you should definitely join the party bus to Ghent (Belgium) on the 4th of February. For only 14.95 euros you will get 5 drinks on the way there, party bus to Ghent, entrance to the club and a discount for some drinks in the club. 

So, get all your friends together and get your ticket as soon as possible! Be aware that last year the event was a real success and tickets were sold out in a day.

We will gather on campus where the flags near Polak building is at 21:00, then the bus will take us to the vibrant city centre of Ghent for a marvellous night!

We hope to see you there!

Note: the event is open for all years and both Dutch and International students.