Python Bootcamp

The purpose of the Python bootcamp is to introduce, hands-on, the
programming language Python (in the context of Data Science). You
can't become a programmer in 3 days (although some books seem to
promise this), but you can get familiar with the bare minimum of a
programming language in order to do some useful programming on your
own. And even if you decide that "this programming"" is definitely not
your cup of tea, you will have a much better idea of what it is. Which
might be useful, because there is a lot of programming going on these days.
We will use the brand new Jupyter Notebooks made by Allen Downey for
this bootcamp. They contain all sorts of exercises! They are available
on Google's Colab, which means you do not have to install anything on
your computer to follow the bootcamp. However, if you do want to
install Python on your computer, if it is not already installed, then
your best option is to use the freely available Anaconda distribution.

Are you interested in following all three sessions and learning all the basics
about Python? Make sure to apply for this bootcamp! 

Please note that it's first come first serve.