FAECTOR Consultancy Project Information Session

Information session FAECTOR Consultancy Project

Are you in your third year or higher and are you interested in consultancy or would you like to put your econometric knowledge into practice? In that case, you should sign up for the FAECTOR Consultancy Project!

During the FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP), you will work together in teams of 5 and help out charitable organizations with a data analytics project. You will gain valuable experience as a consultant for these firms while improving both your analytical and soft skills. FCP offers a steep learning curve through professional trainings and guidance offered throughout the project. The project will start in week 5 of block 4 and will last approximately 2 months. Keep a lookout for the participating companies on this event page!

At this information session on the 18th of March, we will tell you everything about the participating companies, the content of the projects, and the application procedure. After the presentation, there will be room for all the questions you might have. If you are unable to come to the info session feel free to email: fcp@faector.nl for more information!