Online Q&A Adyen

Unfortunately the Adyen Inhouseday could not go through but Adyen is still very curious to meet you! Therefore we have decided to host a Q&A where we tell you more about what Adyen does and what Adyen can offer to students. So if you are still very interested and want to know more please attend this Q&A on Wednesday the 22nd of April. This Q&A will start at 13:00 and it will take place via Zoom. Hope to see you there! 

The deadline for applying to the online Q&A of Adyen is the 19th of April. We will let you know the 20th if you are selected. Make sure to apply in time as there are only 12 spots available!

P.S: Because this will be a Q&A please make sure you take a look at our website and try to come up with some questions beforehand!