FAECTORx3FM: Charity Walk

Note: This event is open for all FAECTOR students.

Join the FAECTORx3FM fundraising and collect money for the Red Cross! Every year radio station 3FM Serious Request raises money for a selected charity. This year, they are supporting the Red Cross. The Red Cross uses its donations to help people in the Netherlands, Zambia, Honduras, and El Salvador during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing medical instruments like masks.

 Usually, three Radio DJs walk through the Netherlands to visit events organised by locals, however due to Corona the big events are cancelled. Nonetheless, they ask if people can walk on their own and raise money this way.

Therefore, FAECTOR outlined a route through Rotterdam of 8km that you can walk whenever you want in the week of the 30th of November!! Signup for 5 euros and help the Red Cross! Join with a friend (of course at a 1.5m distance) or have a nice walk alone. Please take into consideration what group size is allowed by the current corona measures.

Do not hesitate to send us a picture of your walk, so you can shine on our action page! This way, we can see all the FAECTORians who contributed to this fundraising. You can find more information about Serious Request and our fundraising action on our actionpage!

You don't feel like walking in this weather but still want to support the charity? Then you can donate any amount via the action page on FB! Don’t hesitate to beg for money from your parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, professors etc. so that we can raise as much money as possible to support the Red Cross in combating Corona.