FEC: Market Sentiment Analysis by APG

Machine Learning (ML) techniques are transforming the financial services industry where automation and data-driven decisions are becoming increasingly important. For banks, asset managers, and institutions, the application of ML can make drastic changes to the way they work and operate. Knowing about ML is not only highly valued by the employers, but is also essential to keep up with the latest developments in the financial sector. Therefore, B&R Beurs and FAECTOR decided to join forces and organise the Financial Engineering Cycle (FEC). This year, the FEC will consist of several weekly online guest lectures.

About the event
On the 26th of January 2021, 17:00-19:00, data scientist Dr. Eran Raviv will host a lecture on how the largest asset manager in the Netherlands used deep learning to perform sentiment analysis from audio data. 

About APG
APG Asset Management operates as an investment management firm with over 460 billion euros, making it the largest asset manager in the Netherlands. APG provides asset liability and risk management, portfolio construction, and investment advisory services. APG Asset Management serves clients worldwide.