Third Year's Cooking Night

Note: This event is only open for Ba3 and Ba4 students

On the 18th of January it's time for our first live cooking night with FAECTOR! 

Together with you, we are going to cook a three-course meal consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. You can choose to make the main course vegetarian or to add meat if desired. Since everyone will be cooking from home, you will have to do the groceries yourself, but you can get a refund for (part of) the groceries you need to buy. As having dinner becomes way better with friends, you can sign up with a friend. However, be sure to adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM. Of course, you can also sign up by yourself! 

Lastly: as cherry on the cake, you’ll get a nice goodie to help you with this event!

The applications open on the 8th of January at 20:55, so be sure to be on time. There are only limited spots available. If you sign up with a friend, both of you have to sign up and get a ticket.

If you sign up with a friend, both goodies will be sent to the same address. We can only deliver the goodie within the Netherlands. If you are abroad, you can of course still join the cooking night. The goodie is not required for preparing the courses.