Inhouse Day HAL Investments

NOTE: This is an event for Dutch-speaking students only. 

HAL Investments’ online in-house event gives selected students the opportunity to meet HAL. HAL Investments holds significant positions in a number of listed and non-listed companies in a wide range of industries both in the Netherlands and internationally. HAL’s strategy is focused on acquiring significant shareholdings in companies, with the objective of increasing long-term shareholder value. Curious to find out more? Apply and perhaps you will be invited to join on March 4th, 2021.

This in-house day is for Dutch-speaking students. Selected students will be assigned to one of the timeslots 13:30-15:30 or 16:00-18:00. We will let you know on the 26th of February if you are selected to join! Selection will be done by HAL Investments and based on your CV and transcripts of both the university and high school.