Inhouse Day ABN AMRO

Join the online ABN AMRO inhouse day where you will get the opportunity to join the interactive presentations of Miran Djordjevic, Data Science Team Lead Global Markets, and Sander Cremers, Credit Risk Manager of ABN AMRO. There will be plenty of room during both sessions for you to ask your questions for example about their work, study background, working day, and what it’s like to work at ABN AMRO.

This inhouse day is for third year students and higher. We will select the participants based on study phase. The application deadline is the 28th of March. We will let you know the 29th of March if you are selected to join!

Presentation Miran Djordjevic
Miran Djordjevic has worked in Global Markets for 14 years. He started as a quant, became a Foreign Exchange (FX) options trader, headed the FX trading desk, and now leads the Data Science and Innovation team ATLAS within Global Markets. Together with his team, Miran works on various challenging topics. He holds a PhD in Physics and a Master’s in Business Science. In his spare time, he likes to work on his recipes for Japanese Ramen.

During the inhouse-day Miran will explain how technology is driving a fundamental change in Global Markets at ABN AMRO. Factors like the cloud and the rise of data science are opening up a completely different approach to financial markets and servicing our clients. In addition, the increase in the amount of data available happens at a pace that keeps accelerating and provides opportunities to see things that were invisible just a few years ago. Miran will explain this using some real-time cases and examples.

Presentation Sander Cremers
Almost three years ago, Sander Cremers started as a Credit Risk Manager for the Portfolio Management Team of Commercial Banking. After studying the BSc Econometrics in Groningen and the MSc Financial Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, he started in consultancy and moved to ABN AMRO in 2018. As a Credit Risk Manager he uses the quantitative mindset he developed during his studies to perform analyses and to provide insights to Senior Management and other stakeholders. In his spare time he organises running events, likes to go for a run himself and loves to play a game of padel and tennis.    

During Sander’s presentation at the inhouse-day you will learn how Credit Risk is managed within the Portfolio of Commercial Banking. What type of analyses are done on a day-to-day basis? How do models help with this? Which stakeholders are involved? How Covid-19 changed the way of working and what kind of calculations were made throughout the year? At the end you will get an insight in Sanders agenda and he will share the things he likes a lot and the things he likes a little bit less about his job.