PowerPoint Tips & Tricks Workshop

Are you struggling with slides full of text and complex data? Do you want to make your slides simple, fun, and unforgettable to your audience? Then sign up now for the PowerPoint Tips & Tricks Workshop!
In this workshop you'll learn how to: 

-Apply cognitive principles for effective slide design
-Communicate complex concepts/data in a visually simple and attractive way
-Use PowerPoint tricks and keyboard shortcuts to impress your audience


This workshop will be given by Matt Hrusc. Matt has a master's degree in psychology of Human Learning and Performance with 7 years of experience with teaching and coaching public speaking. Up to this day, he has worked with hundreds of students either via one-to-one public speaking coaching, workshops, or courses he founded at LifeVersity. Currently, he works as an educational consultant and teacher trainer at Risbo, where he provides and develops didactic trainings for teachers at Erasmus University.