Burgers & Beers

Burgers & Beers International ticket

Dear FAECTORians,

Always dreamed of making the best burger ever? With a little help from burger restaurant Diego’s were going to make amazing burgers on the 30th of March at 18.30. You can choose what kind of burger DIY package you want, and it will be delivered at your doorstep. 

We’re going to have an amazing Burgers & beers night, we will arrange the burgers and you need to arrange the beers for yourself. We’re going to enjoy our burgers while playing a music bingo!

You can participate in a duo for only €5 (so €2,50 per person), but you can also join alone. Because the boxes that will be delivered are for a two person meal, you have to pay €5 if you’re joining by yourself. Note that only one person per duo has to apply. You can enroll from the 19th of March at 16:55 onwards.

When enrolling you get to decide what kind of burger you want. You and your partner get the same kind of burger so please discuss with your partner beforehand. The choices are: a Chicken burger, a Classic Burger, A Classic Burger with Bugles or a Vegetarian Burger.

We hope to see you all at Burger night! 

Best wishes,
The Event Committee

Note: If you are outside of the Netherlands, please sign up with an international ticket. You can then join the event without a burger box.