Apply to Become a Guide during the EW

Become a Guide during the EurekaWeek 2021!

You probably haven’t thought about it yet, as it seems so far away. However, a lot of preparations are already in progress for the Eurekaweek of 2021! With the upcoming vaccinations and the hopeful messages for events during summer, it seems like there will be a lot possible during this week. After a long year of online events, everyone might have the need to meet new people.

Are you enthusiastic and excited about the City of Rotterdam, about FAECTOR and about showing new people the way to go in this big city? Then becoming a Guide during this amazing week will definitely be something for you! Another reason to participate is the privilege that you are allowed to be present at the EurekaWeek party’s that are organised (if the Covid measures allow it to go through).

Moreover, FAECTOR likes to get to know the guides and therefore organises something new compared to the previous years: We will organise a drink specially for all the Econometrician Guides before the Eurekaweek starts, so you will meet all the other guides! During this drink you can also get to know the Internal Activities Committee and the board, as they will be responsible for organising parts of the Eurekaweek for FAECTOR. Together we can make this week a great success with a lot of fun activities and new people! You can apply in duo’s until the 1st of April here.