Apply for the Excellence Programme Committee!

Dear student,

We extended the application deadline for the Excellence Programme Committee. So don't miss your chance to define the theme of next year's programme and apply for this committee until Sunday, 30th of May, 23:59!

What is Excellence Programme?
The FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme is a programme designed for the highly motivated econometrics pre-Master and Bachelor students (second year or higher). The goal of the programme is to give students the opportunity to explore different sides of an econometric theme by learning both the theory and how to apply it in practice. This is done through weekly guest lectures, workshops, inhouse days and assignments. The programme starts in the middle of January and lasts until the end of June. After successful completetion of the programme the participants receive a certificate signed by the dean of the ESE and 4 extracurricular ECTS on their bachelor diploma. Some of the topics in the previous years were Cybersecurity, Deep Learning and Big Data.

What are responsibilities of the committee?
There are two positions within the committe: chairman and secretary. The responsibilities of both committee members are:
- Defining the theme of the next edition
- Working out the complete schedule (topics covered in each lecture)
- Contacting companies and professors for the guest lectures
- Selecting the participants
- Coordinating the programme
- Participating in the programme itself
- Designing and correcting the assignments
Furthermore, the chairman is responsible for the long-term vision of the programme and is leading the meetings. The secretary, on the other hand, is in charge of contact with participants and making notes during the meetings.

Who are we looking for?
You can apply if you are currently in your 1st or 2nd year of Econometrics or Econometrie Bachelor or 3rd year of BSc2. We are looking for motivated, hard-working students who are willing to put a lot of effort in creating next Excellence Programme. The committee will cost you 5-8 hours per week. There are no specific requirements for your average grade. Although we do look at it, your motivation is decisive. 

What do you need to submit when applying?
You need to sumbit your CV, Motivation letter and Grade list. If you are selected based on this information, you will then receive an invitation to an interview which will take place in the week of 31st of May. Note that the interview will be conducted in English.

Why should you become an Active Member?
Becoming an Active Member is the best way to meet a lot of fellow students in a short amount of time. Furthermore, you get to join exclusive activities for Active Members: Active Members Day, Active Members Weekend and many more! Besides getting to know a lot of people and having the chance to participate in exclusive activities, you will be able to develop your social, organisational and teamwork skills and boost your CV. 

If you have any questions, you can send an email to our Educational Officer, Veronika, via