Lustrum End of the Year Dinner + Almanac Reveal

Dear FAECTORians,

To close of the current academic year, the Lustrum Committee organises an End of the Year Dinner! On the 25th of June, participants will be invited to Pump Building the Esch, where a chique 3-course dinner awaits them. Also, you will receive 2 wines or 3 beers/sodas. You can buy more drinks yourself of course :). The event will take place from 18:00-22:00.

Not only will you receive a dinner, drinks and a great experience, but also the Almanac will be revealed! All participants of this event will receive a signed Almanac by the Marketing Committee! The Almanac is filled with a lot of pictures and stories of the past year! Note that you can also receive a free almanac if you do not join this event. More information on that will follow.

There are only limited spots available to ensure that this event will not only be fun, but safe as well, so make sure to subscribe quick! The subscriptions open on Friday June 18, at 12:55. The ticketprice is €25,-.

After subscribing, you will be asked to fill out people that you want to be seated with during the event. The Lustrum Committee will then assign your seats up front, such that you can enjoy your dinner with your friends! As the Pump Building is a chique venue, the dress code of this event will be black tie! Put on your best clothes for this final event of the year!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please be aware that this event is 18+. Also strict corona regulations are in place. Violations will result in removal from the event and a spot on the blacklist. We need to be stict in order to be able to organise physical events.