Receive the Almanac!

The theme of this year's Almanac is "Crossing Borders" and is titled "ATLAS"! The Marketing Committee has put their blood, sweat and tears into this piece of art.

Between the light-blue covers, you'll find stories and interviews of the 55th board, all committees, teachers, associations and other interesting people. It also includes reports of all events that happened within FAECTOR and around the world over the past year. At the end, a complete overview of our memberlist is included!

As at the End of the Year Dinner, where the Almanac was revealed, had a limited capacity of participants, we want to give all our members the opportunity to receive a free almanac! You can reserve an Almanac here on the website. Make sure to be quick, as we have a limited stock!  Note that you are only eligible to receive an Almanac, if you haven't received one already.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

Best regards,
The Marketing Committee