Inhouse Day Nielsen

Nielsen Global Media is a leading audience measurement company and provides market research, insights & data about what people watch, browse, and listen to. In 2016 Nielsen acquired Pointlogic, in order to strengthen its data and planning capabilities, so we co-joined forces, for a broader commercial exposure, access to data, and to talent.

The Pointlogic office in Rotterdam hosts various young and international teams, all closely working together with other Nielsen teams in the US and around the world. With our analytical solutions we support the decisions of large advertisers, media owners and media agencies around the globe, both on a tactical and a strategic level.

One of our clients is a large music streaming platform, that recently started to increase their presence in the podcasting world.To promote one of their new podcasts about a famous celebrity, they launched a big media campaign across a wide range of platforms in the US, and while they can see how many people listened to the podcasts, they don’t have insights on how many people were actually influenced by their campaign. This is where you come in!

You will get access to a virtual dashboard that contains results of several modeling iterations that explain brand health variables. Together with your team, you will inspect these models to find out which one is the best, after which you will get to present your reasoning, concerns & suggestions on your chosen model to the client’s data scientists. In addition, you will get the chance to pitch your findings about the campaign’s performance to the client’s board, along with actionable recommendations on how they can further drive brand affinity & podcast awareness.

This event is for bachelor-2 students and higher. Selection will be based on study phase. The application deadline is September 9th, we will let you know on September 10th if you are selected to join!