Inhouse Day Northpool

New date: 28 September at 14:00. 

The Inhouse Day of Northpool starts off with an introductory presentation. Afterwards, you will play a tradinggame and get to learn more about the positions as a trader and analyst in the company.

Northpool is a commodity trading company, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Northpool’s main focus lies with energy and weather-related commodities and is currently active on the power and gas markets. With the future going forward to an even more sustainable energy environment, anticipating the future energy trends for the coming years is imperative. With wind, sun and rain as ideal sustainable energy sources, the weather has become increasingly important in the energy markets. Variations in weather lead to volatility in the power market.  

Northpool expertise in founded on three pillars, Fundamentals, Efficiency and Opportunities. First, Northpool has a strong knowledge on the fundamental drivers in the energy market. Second, Northpool uses data driven feeding trading strategies leading to a more efficient power market. The trading strategies are strongly driven the combination of market data and technological possibilities. Finally, Northpool is always seeking opportunities in the market.

This event is for bachelor-2 students and higher. Selection will be based on study phase. The application deadline is 24 September, we will let you know on 25 September if you are selected to join!