New Year's Pubquiz 2022

With the extended evening lockdown we can imagine that it’s difficult to come up with fun and safe activities to do with your friends. To help you all with that, we are excited to invite you to our New Years Pubquiz on the 6th of January!  The quiz will take place on Zoom at 20:00 CET and will be played in teams of three.

After you have signed up, the only thing you will have to do is stock up on snacks and beverages for the night (which you can declare with us up to 20 euros) and try to win the quiz with your team. The winning team will of course win an amazing price!

Be sure to register on time as there will be limited spots available. Every member of your team needs to sign up individually! 
Lastly, please adhere to the rules of the RIVM and do not join on Zoom with more than three people present per house. 

We (already) wish you happy holidays and a happy new year. We hope to see you at the Pub Quiz in 2022!

Note that you need to reserve a ticket per team member individually