Inhouse Day Flow Traders


During our interactive online in-house day, you will gain more insight into the world of trading provided by a Trader and Recruiter. This is your chance to ask all of your questions and to find out what a day in the life of a Trader is like. Our Trader will provide a mini lecture on ETFs and will share information about our core-business with you. You will also learn about our company culture, cutting edge technology and how you can become a Trader yourself!

​At the end of the E-house day, we will play a trading game. The trading game is an exciting opportunity to compete with your fellow students and see if you may have what it takes to become a Trader. You’re mathematical and analytical skills will be put to the test and you can win a very nice prize! We will end the presentation day with our math test. The math test is the second round of our recruitment process, so this is a great opportunity to practice your skills!

The schedule
10.00 Introduction
10.15 Lecture Flow Business
11:00 Break
11:05 Culture
11:15 Trading Challenge
11:45 Recruitment process & Q&A
12:00 Math Test
12:30 End

Hope to see you then!

Recruitment Amsterdam

This event is for bachelor-2 students and higher. Selection will be based on study phase. The application deadline is 30 January, we will let you know on 31 January if you are selected to join!