City Trip 2022

This year, the annual FAECTOR City Trip will take you to the beautiful port city of Porto, on the banks of the River Douro in Portugal! Together with 60 other students, we will drink port wine, eat delicious francesinhas, witness the beautiful sunset over the Douro valley and a whole lot more. We will travel to the coast of Portugal by plane to enjoy the high-spirited nightlife and scenic views of this city, with breakfast, multiple dinners, activities and accommodation all organised by FAECTOR and included in the price.

Departure is on Friday 18 March (the flight will leave Schiphol Airport at 17:50h) and we will come back Monday 21 March (arrival at 15:45h, also at Schiphol Airport).

The ticket sale opens on 2 February at 16:56h, and tickets are €280 for FAECTOR members. Subscriptions will go via the Google Forms link below. You can open this form beforehand, to prevent the website from crashing at registration time, and refresh at the time the ticket sale opens. Later that afternoon, we will let you know if you managed to get one of the highly-demanded spots and will hence join us on the FAECTOR City Trip 2022. All other subscriptions are automatically added to the waiting list.

Google Forms link for subscriptions:

For now, the travel situation is promising, and we will keep a close eye on any travel restrictions and circumstances around COVID-19 in Portugal. Should coronavirus measures by either the Dutch or the Portuguese government prevent the organisation of this trip, you will receive a full refund. However, please also take a look at the terms and conditions, as by subscribing to the FAECTOR City Trip 2022 you automatically agree to these.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any remaining questions at Tchau!