Inhouse Day Ciphix

Ciphix is ​​a Rotterdam AI scale-up with a goal to empower people in the workplace by using virtual colleagues and assistants.

Ciphix was founded in March 2018 by Marcus Groeneveld, Mathijs Gast and Bas van der Pol. We have now grown into a scale-up with almost 50 employees. Every day we work with great energy and enthusiasm on our mission: 'Take the Robot out of the Human'

We are dealing with a global crisis in the labor market
- Interesting work
- seize the moment
- From gut feeling to data-driven

By integrating the technologies we use Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Automation, we are able to offer our customers – including large international companies and government agencies – unique solutions for their strategic challenges.

We take our clients on an unforgettable Digital Workforce Journey

Our doors will open on April 8th to get to know you. We are looking forward to! A great day is waiting for you, all about your personal development, getting to know Ciphix and RPA and above all having fun with each other.

13:00 - 17:00 START & WORKSHOPS
17:00 Knowledge College & VrijMiBo
18:00 END

This event is for bachelor-2 students and higher (Dutch only). Selection will be based on study phase. You can subscribe until 7 April 23:59!