Speakers Symposium 2022

This event is open for alumni and master students.

This years FAN Talks edition was supposed to take place in January, but because of Covid-19 restrictions we rescedualed the whole event! Now, the speaker symposium will take place on 6 May 2022! During this night multiple alumni speak about their ideas, careers and future plans in an interactive way with the audience which will be completely about this year's theme: Beyond the Books! The speakers symposium takes place at de Machinist (Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3024BK Rotterdam) and begins at 19:30.

The following people will tell something about their careers and how they came to the point they are now in their lives after the econometrics study:

  • Colin Nugteren - Co-Founder of Notilyze. Creating Data Analytics Services
  • Wolter Pelt - Director/ Owner Investment Company. Specialist in hands on Investments and Strategic decisions.
  • Duco Mülder - PhD kandidaat in epidemiologie @ the public health department of the ErasmusMC

After the inspiring stories of the alumni speakers, there will be a drink organised with free drinks and snacks during which you can ask all your questions, share your own ideas or catch up with your (old) fellow students!

We hope to see you all at the speaker symposium on 6 May!

Note: This event is completely free to join, but we would like to kindly ask you to reserve a ticket though the button on the top right of this page.